A Family of Purr Therapists
by Joy Smith
Ynes and Bobbi On first glance Ynes looks like a normal, slightly chubby black cat you'd see in any suburban neighborhood as living in a caring home and having a good cat life filled with naps in the sun. But Ynes has a job where she works 24/7 and while she may sleep a lot, those naps are part of her work. Ynes is an assistant caretaker at the Montclair Villa Residential Care Facilty in Rocklin, CA. She is assistant to Bobbi Stefan and her family who operate the facility to care for up to six senior residents in their home-like residence.

Ynes has been with Montclair Villa since 2004 when she was adopted from FieldHaven. Since then she has provided "purr-therapy" to a number of residents. Throughout the day she is always on the go whether it's to give a head-to-chin bump to bring a smile to Ruth's face or to help Gladys beat her daughter, Carole at cards. Each evening she ensures each person gets their share of love as she moves from bed to bed providing everyone with the best sleep aid of a feline snuggle. There was one particular occasion when she broke this pattern to stay by the side on a gentleman for two weeks as he made his final journey in life; the journey that is the human equivalent of the Rainbow Bridge.
Ynes, Carole and Gladys Playing Cards Ruth and Ynes
Ynes' history prior to FieldHaven is somewhat vague it seemed she was just another young cat left to care for herself. She ended up pregnant (very pregnant!) at the back door of a business in Rancho Cordova pleading for help. Within two hours of arriving at FieldHaven she delivered six kittens. After raising those beautiful babies she was spotted by Bobbi who immediately adopted her into her wonderful family at Montclair Villa where she began her career of Purr Therapist.

Missy Ynes instilled that love of people and desire to nurture to her kittens. All were adopted into wonderful homes. Two of the kittens, Missy and Sassy, live right in downtown Lincoln with their mom, Faye Guvea. Faye is a widow who has a large family in the area but found her house much too quiet. She wanted some companionship and when her daughter adopted two of Ynes' kittens she decided to adopt two for herself.

Sassy Faye and Missy Kittenhood was tough as the "girls" were feline hooligans ripping through Faye's once-orderly house and challenging Faye to keep up with them. But they also provided Faye with hours of entertainment and a bucketful of smiles each day. As Faye will be quick to tell you the health benefits of having the girls are proof-positive in her own health. Last year Faye had a medical work-up. Her physician remarked how excellent the test results were, asking Faye what she had changed about her lifestyle to bring about the improvement in her health. She was delighted to tell him about her personal Purr Therapists who give her a poke on the nose to get up and going each morning - by providing them breakfast first thing, of course.

Then there is that exercise bike and treadmill that Faye says the only use it gets these days is when Missy and Sassy take turns perching on the equipment for their brushing each day. Each cat has their favorite games they like to play to keep Faye at their service. With a big smile Faye says "they let me live in the house with them".
We applaud Ynes, Missy and Sassy and every other bundle of feline fur for the healing work you do. We are blessed and honored to have you in our lives.
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