The Journey of Whiskey the Wisecat

Whiskey, the benevolent one.

Whiskey, the benevolent one.

Whiskey's journey is known to us from January of 2012 when he was picked up as a stray on the streets of Auburn, California by Placer County Animal Services. He was in rough shape, but started to recover a bit at the county shelter. He failed to be adopted there and in April was placed on the "E" (Euthanize) list. His date was April 7th 2012. Had he known he would have been terrified, but he did not.

Fortunately for Whiskey, FieldHaven Feline Center maintains a close working relationship with PCAS, so the Center was notified of Whiskey's pending peril. Staff from FieldHaven picked him up the day before "E" day. He was still not a happy boy at this point, with minor health problems and a bit sad. Upon arrival he perked up immediately and impressed the staff as being very friendly with lots of personality.

On April 18th, he was placed in a foster home and did extremely well. Things were certainly looking up for this 18 pound 3-year-old. By May 2nd he was back at the shelter with his new staff and kitty friends. Then on May 12th, FieldHaven volunteers took him to a satellite adoption event to be publicly displayed.

Meanwhile, Wayne and Kathy Ford came by the store to look at kitties. They had recently lost one of their dear ones and were looking for a special cat. No ordinary feline would do. They spotted Whiskey and suspected immediately he was a very special boy. After spending an hour with him, they were convinced. They took him to his forever home straight from the store. As soon as he arrived, he knew this was where he was meant to be. He needed no temporary separation from the other cats. He dashed around the house and had it totally explored in minutes. One of the other Ford cats was a 13-year old girl who had never accepted new cats. She would hiss and growl without exception.

Whiskey in the middle of his new housemates.

Whiskey (middle) and his
new housemates.

Ah, but with Whiskey it was different. He saw her and immediately ran straight at her. This strange, huge (twice her size) cat rushing at her froze her in terror. He stopped an inch away and before she could hiss he was washing her face. Instant friends.

Today, 18 months after adoption, Whiskey rules the house as a benevolent dictator. He is a role model for his three kitty roommates, getting along famously with all. He is known as Whiskey the Wisecat due to his obvious intelligence. He anticipates any arguments brewing between the other cats, and physically intervenes by moving in between and calming things down.

With holidays approaching, the family is blessed by many things but Whiskey is the glue that holds it all together. He adds joy to everyone in the household every day. The Fords are retired and spend lots of time with their four "kids". The family is now complete with their big black wonder, Whiskey the Wisecat.

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