Sydney Finds a Home and a Job!

Sydney, just after his rescue.

Sydney, just after his rescue.

In March of 2013 FieldHaven Feline Center's shelter manager, Jen P. received a call from a Placer County Animal Control Officer requesting assistance with a hoarding situation. There were more than twenty cats and a dozen small dogs all living in horrible conditions. Animal Control had been notified after paramedics were called to the home for assistance in an emergency situation.

The couple who lived in the home appeared to have no idea how to care for cats. The only food available was dog food, there was no visible source of water and there were no litter boxes. The smell of urine and feces was overwhelming. Having years of experience between them, the Officer and Jen P were able to convince the owners of the animals to surrender them.

Once at FieldHaven's shelter, the cats received cursory examinations and were placed in enclosures with clean bedding, litter boxes and cat food and water. Although they were filthy and underweight, animal care staff determined that none were in immediate need of veterinary care. Not surprisingly, the cats immediately drank their water dishes dry.

The following morning, each cat received a thorough examination by our veterinarian. Most of the cats were small for their age and thin, but not emaciated. All of the cats needed bathing to remove the feces and urine smell. Some cats needed multiple baths and one even needed to be shaved to remove her long matted fur. Despite their prior neglect, the cats were surprisingly very social and purred throughout their examinations and baths.

Once the cats were spayed, neutered and ready for adoption, FieldHaven was able to find wonderful new homes for most of them. But there were still several black cats who had not been adopted. One of the group, named Sydney, had neurological challenges requiring the companionship of one of his siblings. After four months of waiting, these loveable cats hit the Jack-Pot when FieldHaven received an adoption application from a family that had adopted from us before. They were looking for several related "mousers" since their senior cats could no longer keep up. Their ranch was completely fenced and kept free of predators by cat loving Great Pyrenees dogs. Because these cats had lived closely with dogs, this was a great match.

This wonderful family was full of love. The couple had fostered over one hundred children and adopted twelve, many of them with disabilities. And while everyone loved cats, one family member had a severe allergy which prevented the cats from living inside. Lucky for these cats, this families experience with mousers, keeping their property safe from predators and the patience a special needs animal would require meant all of the remaining cats, including Sydney, could live together in a safe, secure barn home.

It's been reported back that all the cats are doing fine, sleeping at night on top of the Great Pyrenees dogs. Mousing is their game, sleeping on the dog is their aim.

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