The Regency Park Project
A Rescue Story by Joy Smith
May 1, 2008
The Not-So-Regal Trailer Park
Joining Together to Help Homeless Cats

he request for help went out and it seemed daunting; Regency Park, a Sacramento mobile home park was slated for demolition in just a few short weeks was populated by an estimated 50-70 feral cats. My first response was that our resources were already stretched too thin in our own county and community to be able offer any help.

ieldHaven volunteers Jen Rosenbrook, Sharon Kurth and Marie Salers didn't share that feeling and showed up at Regency Park for the first of many nights of trapping joining a number of other the rescues, shelters and animal welfare organizations from the greater Sacramento area. That first night several dozen cats were trapped and hustled off to Animal Spay and Neuter in Auburn. Several were brought here to FieldHaven for recovery and Jen turned her garage into a temporary holding area for several more. But most of the cats were recovered with organizations in the Sacramento area.

s the trapping continued it became apparent that there were a whole lot more than "50-70" cats. Project Coordinator, Julie Lindsey of Sisters Animal Sanctuary fired off emails in search of more support. The response was great as each organization stretched the boundaries of their capabilities and helped in whatever way they could. At FieldHaven, we began an email networking campaign in an effort to place feral cats in safe barn homes. The networking paid off and we were able to place over 50 feral cats!

Relocation Kennel
Ann and Herman Dickson
Ranch mates

he FieldHaven Regency Park team consisted of several volunteers who matched the feral cats with prospective homes. The cats were delivered to their new homes by the team with FieldHaven providing cages and other supplies as well as educating the caregivers on how to care for ferals.

e've heard great things from caregivers about their new Rodent Raiders! John and Brittney established a colony on their large ranch outside Reno and reports that they have all settled in well and are "working" hard. Mary says that her new kitty, Taffy, is "having a blast." Thanks to everyone who went the "green" way and went with feline rodent control instead of nasty chemicals.

  Buster's Barn  

s the project wound down several weeks later the total came in - 157 cats were rescued with vet bills totaling nearly $40,000!

ot all the cats were feral; Regina and Rumble Lee are "friendly" kitties from Regency Park who are awaiting adoption at FieldHaven. Please be sure to visit them at

his incredible show of support is proof-positive that by joining hands we can achieve the seemingly impossible. I salute everyone that believed they could all be saved - you were all right!

Rescued Kitty
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