A Tail Tale

The Story of Oliver


It started like too many animal stories do. A homeless cat wandering in a park, looking for a meal to keep him going a little while longer. He had been in that park for a while living paw to mouth, sleeping where he could find a spot, eating whatever he could scrounge, and grooming his magnificent orange tail.


You can't tell by looking at me that my tail hurts!

It was the first thing everyone noticed when they saw him. At least that's how it had been back in the old days. Back when he had a home and love and safety.



When he thinks back now he can't really remember much about 'That One'. It had never occurred to him that he should be wary - that he had anything to fear. Humans and had always been kind.

My tail is healing...

My tail is healing and I feel much better!

Until 'That One' wrapped that string around his beautiful tail and pulled it tight. He didn't like it. It made his tail hurt so much. He tried to remove it himself but it would not come off. So he waited. Surely it would come off.

After a while it was all he could think about. He tried not to let it stop him but that was hard. It hurt so much and a little more every day. Until the day the lady came to the park and he let her get close enough to touch him. She spoke softly and smelled nice. But would she hurt him too? Before he knew it she scooped him up and brought him to FieldHaven.

FieldHaven. That's a good name for the place. There are lots of cats there and they all seem happy. It was warm and dry. And they took the string off his magnificent tail. Finally! Life was getting better. But it still hurt. Every day they put medicine on him. Each week the doc said, "Keep it up it hasn't healed yet." When would the pain go away?

Looking back now his world changed the day she walked in and sat down. She gave him time to decide, time to trust. It didn't take long. FieldHaven was great but they needed the space. So he agreed and they went home.

My tail is back to normal

My tail is back to normal - Ahhh...

It was hard at first but she had waited a long time to find him. The doc said, "It won't heal so we need to cut off that magnificent tail."

But she knew that if she didn't give up it would heal. It turned into a game. She would put the medicine on and he would lick it off. Over and over she kept putting it back on and over and over he would lick it back off. But she knew she couldn't stop. So the game went on until one day it happened - his magnificent tail began to heal. And the doc couldn't believe it. But she had always known it would be.

Today the three of them are living very happily ever after - Oliver the cat, his Johanna and that magnificent orange tail.

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