Mr Merritt
A Cat's Perspective

  Mr. Merritt

Ouch!! some crabby critter bit me on my behind and left a nasty wound there. And, that was after someone just left me out on my own for whatever reason. I don't get it–they cared enough to have me neutered but then decided I wasn't to be part of the family. So there I was, a teenage kitten with no home, no food and a very, very sore rear end.

Lucky for me someone found me and they knew someone who knew someone – you know how that goes. The someone at the end of the string was FieldHaven volunteer and foster mom, Courtney. What a great lady! I highly recommend looking her up if you get lost and need a human to take you in.

Dr. Lara fixed me up and within a short time that hole in my rear was closed up and the fur was growing back. I stayed with Courtney but I couldn't play with her other kitties because they told me I tested positive to something called FeLV. They wanted to wait a few weeks to see if a retest would be positive.

I watched them all hover over my repeat test but we were all disappointed when it, too, came up positive. How can that be? I'm a really healthy guy with lots of energy and I sure don’t look sick! They told me I may never feel the affects of FeLV, especially if I'm adopted by someone who's willing to take the very best care of my health. I know my Forever Family is out there.

It was really cool when I got to go on TV with Dr. Jyl. All the TV reporters thought I was the most well behaved cat they'd ever seen at the studio.

Playful Mr. Merritt

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