2004 - 2005

Garfield was a statistic and a non-statistic.

The statistic of one of millions of kittens born into feral colonies each year, sometimes with birth defects like his where his spine was deformed leaving him without use of his hind legs. Nature’s course is to let many of these kittens, even ones without handicaps, die without knowing the love of their mother, the friendship of their siblings or the love of a human. Unlike most, Garfield lived a full life because of the love of humans.


He was plucked from his litter by the colony caregivers and lovingly bottle raised to become a strong, healthy, playful kitten in spite of his handicap. The time came when his caregivers knew they could no longer provide for his special needs and contacted FieldHaven. Volunteers stepped up to the plate to care for the young kitten with the golden fur, golden eyes and useless back legs.


For 10 months Garfield became the center of daily life at the FieldHaven Cat Trailer. Using his powerful front legs he would scoot around just as fast the other kitties could run. He climbed, played and commanded everyone’s attention. He always said exactly what he thought and that usually was to ask for food. He loved the outdoors and became irritated if the weather wasn’t nice enough for him to be out in his pen on the grass. If he got the chance, he’d sneak out the front door and bump, bump, bump down the steps and was off and running with his humans trying to catch up before he scooted under the trailer where he could play in the dirt and cobwebs. And just when you’d want to get frustrated at him he’d look up at you with those beautiful golden eyes and say “MEOW”. Then you’d kiss him.

Garfield became a local celebrity; he was on TV twice and everyone who came to FieldHaven became his fan. He visited handicapped children, went home with volunteers for “slumber parties” and young FieldHaven volunteers slept with him in the Cat Trailer. People came just to visit Garfield and bring him treats. In his innocent way, he became symbolic of each and every life we save in our rescue efforts. He taught us to make the best of what God gives us, even if it doesn’t seem fair. No one walked away after meeting Garfield feeling sorry for him.


Throughout his life his urinary system was troublesome. Several minor procedures failed to resolve the problems and it became necessary to have major reconstructive surgery done. In spite of skilled hands, his urinary system was unable to be repaired and while the initial postoperative period was successful, irreparable complications developed. Garfield passed with the hands of 6 of his humans holding him.

We laid Garfield to rest on his favorite blue pillow on the first summer night under the golden moon that matched his eyes.

At last, our dear friend, you can run on all 4 legs. We’ll see you at the Rainbow Bridge.

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