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The Story of Elton
  Transferred from Lake County Animal
Care and Control to FieldHaven
  Elton at FieldHaven Holiday Elton

Sir Elton John

Elton found his Yellow-Brick Road to a forever home with the help of the staff at Lake County Animal Care and volunteers at FieldHaven Feline Rescue.

In June 2007, Elton was scheduled for euthanasia the next day when a volunteer from FieldHaven asked LCAC staff to select 2 cats to transfer to FieldHaven's shelter in Placer County. Elton was on the "E-List" simply because there were too many cats and not enough homes at LCAC. No other reason.

Lake County Animal Care & Control


In March 2008, Elton found his forever home with Mikayla (age 12) and Savannah (age 5).

Here is what Mikayla wrote to FieldHaven after adopting Elton:

When we first got to FieldHaven my sister and I thought all the cats were cute but when we met Elton my mom turned to me and said "He's the one." and I nodded my head in agreement. When we brought Elton home he could barely fit in the box/cage. When we let him out he searched around for a hiding place. He found the space in between the two computers. He stayed there for a while but eventually he found out he didn't fit to well in there either.

When Elton had adapted to his new surroundings he found some spots that are his favorites. He likes the cool tile by the fireplace, the window viewing the backyard, in his carrier, and his little cushion at the front window. Elton's two favorite things to do are sleeping and playing. His favorite toys are his little toy mouse and his feather toy.

Here are some funny reasons why we love Elton:

We bought Elton one of those non electric, automatic feeders, so when Elton drinks he makes bubbles in the container. When Elton sees the bubbles he sticks his paws in the water, thinking he could reach inside and get the bubbles.

Wake up!!
Every morning my mom comes in to wake me up and Elton comes with her. Once she "woke me up" Elton sits down and meows like crazy until I get up. Then once I've pet him I walk down the hallway to get breakfast, and the whole way there he follows me and bites my legs! (not too hard though)

Our neighbor has a male cat that Elton loves to play with. They both sit at the window (Elton is inside and the other cat is outside) and bang up against it. The other cat hisses, and Elton sneaks up from the side so the other cat doesn't see him, and than he pounces! It's better than T.V.! Thank you for rescuing Elton, he's the best!!!!!!

Sincerely, the proud owners of Elton John

Mikayla and Savannah with Elton

Sir Elton

Elton was chosen as the model for an art campaign called Art 4 Critters. The brainchild of several artists to raise funds and awareness of homeless pets, especially during the holiday season, participating artists painted pictures of Elton and offered them for sale on EBay with a portion of the proceeds benefitting FieldHaven.

  Elton Art to benefit FieldHaven  
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