The Story of Edward

Minus one leg, Plus one home.

Hungry Edward, just after surgery.

Hungry Edward, just after surgery.

The smell of decay was overwhelming as Fieldhaven Feline Center's Shelter Manager, Jen P walked into the Medical Room carrying a small kennel. Jen had been speaking on the phone with a woman for weeks about a stray cat with a badly injured front leg. Because the cat was only seen occasionally there was no way of knowing where or when to find him. Then one morning the woman was able to catch him and brought him to the shelter.

FieldHaven's animal care staff knew this cat needed immediate veterinary attention so he was rushed to one of our veterinary partners for evaluation and treatment. X-rays revealed that this big unneutered male had a horribly infected old fracture, most likely from being hit by a car. Because it had gone untreated for so long, the blood supply to the foot was compromised and an amputation was recommended.

Before surgery could begin, blood work was done to insure this handsome boy would survive the operation. Even though he was in horrible shape, this brave stray was purring loudly and reveling in all the attention. His blood work revealed good and bad news. All of his organ functions were in good order but he was FIV positive. Not to be deterred by that diagnoses, we decided to go ahead with the surgery that would save his life. He had fought so hard to survive; we felt he deserved a second chance at living the life every cat deserves.

Such a beautiful healthy cat.

What a beautiful boy he has become.

Now that he was a patient, he needed a name. Thusly, he was named Edward after a volunteer who had endured many hardships in his life but always saw the silver lining in every gray cloud. Edward came through the surgery with flying colors and soon returned to the shelter to recover. He immediately charmed everyone who cared for him. Four legs? Three legs? He didn't care. Just so long as his food bowl was full, he was a happy cat.

Once his incision had healed and his course of antibiotics completed, it was time to find Edward a home. It wasn't long before another volunteer filled out an application to adopt him. Although they had another cat at home, this family did their research on FIV and realized that the risk to their gentle cat was minimal if the two kitties got along. Because Edward was such a mellow boy, our staff felt this was a great match.

After a few weeks being confined to the master bedroom where he lounged in luxury, it was time for Edward to venture out and meet his new kitty companion. After a few sniffs and circling, all was well. Edward was home! He continues to thrive and has regular visits to a cat only veterinary practice. And even though his years might be shortened by the FIV virus, they will be filled with love, warmth and the security of never having to be on the street again.

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