I'm Cruisin' for a Home!

UPDATE: Cruiser's been adopted! Click here to see the letter Cruiser wrote to Fieldhaven ~  

Can someone PLEASE tell me why I haven't been adopted yet???

I'm beautiful, healthy, loving and very playful (I'll tell you about my favorite game in a minute). Besides that, I have good manners with my litter box and get along with kids, cats, dogs and even horses! So, why is it I'm still here at FieldHaven after more than a year??

I suppose it could be because I'm "just a black cat." I get so discouraged when adopters pass me by just because of my color. Can't people just look past my glossy, luxurious black fur and see me for the wonderful kitty that I am?

Everyone thinks black cats are so common and, frankly, they're right. Did you ever wonder why we're so common? Well, let me explain. Scientists believe that black cats are somewhat genetically superior than other colors and we are more resistant to certain diseases. So, we tend to survive and fight off some viruses when our brothers and sisters of other colors do not.

There you have it! Adopt a black cat and you may have a healthier feline friend. No guarantees but those scientific types sometimes know their stuff!

Oh, almost forgot to tell you about my favorite game. I love to play tug of war - just like some dogs. And, I'm strong!!

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