2nd Chance Feral Ranch


Help us Corral the Feral Cat Problem

FieldHaven Feline Center announces the opening of the
2nd Chance Feral Ranch!

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Rodent Ranger 1Feral cats - and how best to save their lives - has been a challenge for shelters everywhere. These cats are usually deemed "unadoptable" as they're fearful of humans and unable to adapt to the easy life most house cats enjoy.

It's that fearful and sometimes aggressive temperament that makes them the most euthanized animals in county shelters whose budgets don't allow for extra programs.

FieldHaven has faced this problem head-on for more than a dozen years by promoting the excellent rodent control qualities unique to feral cats in rural areas with rodent issues. The program, called Rodent Rangers, has been very successful… but housing these cats until a barn is found has been a big challenge.
The 2nd Chance Feral Ranch will largely solve this housing problem.

Situated on a secure ranch in rural Lincoln, the facility will act as a halfway house for wayward cats - temporarily housing the furry felines until a barn home opens up and they can go to work.

"FieldHaven is proud to once again serve our community by thinking outside the corral to save lives ", said Joy Smith, FieldHaven Executive Director.

How This Program Saves Lives --

"Having the support of our community pushes us to go a little farther each day."
Joy Smith, President
In September 2015 the Butte Fire destroyed nearly 500 homes in Amador and Calaveras counties. FieldHaven assisted Calaveras County Animal Services and Humane Society in making room in their shelter for evacuated animals by transferring current shelter cats and kittens to our shelter. This video below is the story of 5 feral kittens who were destined to be euthanized for shelter space.

FieldHaven is working to fund the building of the 2nd Chance Feral Ranch. You support is needed to build this life-saving facility.


Q & A

Rodent Ranger 2What is the 2nd Chance Ranch?
2CF Ranch is where our Rodent Rangers hang their hat until just the right job comes along on a ranch, in barns, gardens, shops, warehouses - anywhere rodents set up camp.

Where do Rodent Rangers come from?
Most Rodent Rangers come from the euthanasia list of municipal animal shelters. They truly are getting a second chance. These are the cats that have no place to go. They are feral or have behavior issues that make them not adoptable into a typical home. For various reasons, they can't be returned to where they came from via TNR (trap neuter return) to live as a community cat. If it weren't for 2CF Ranch their fate is euthanasia.

How do I adopt a Rodent Ranger?
Complete a Rodent Ranger Survey. One of our cat wranglers will contact you to make the perfect match for your needs. To make sure your Rodent Rangers keeps their boots in your soil you will need to properly imprint them. We'll walk you through the whole process.

How is 2nd Chance Ranch Funded?
We depend on your donations to keep the Rodent Rangers in chow, keep fresh straw in their bunkhouse and pay for an occasional visit to the doc for stitchen' up after a bar brawl.

Are Rodent Rangers "fixed"?
You betcha - that's how we keep the bar brawls to a minimum. And we don't need thousands of little cowpokes popping up all over the place. They also get vaccinated for diseases like rabies. They even visit the dentist if needed. We want their choppers to be in tip top shape for jobs. Yummmm...mouse fritters!



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