Destination FieldHaven Spa

August loves his
short nails

What's Going On?

FieldHaven is giving away free nail trims and applications of topical flea preventive! Every cat adopted will receive our spa services for a full year!


Cranberry is feeling

That's a Big Wow!

That's right! Happy cats and happy humans ... what could be better than a destination spa for your cat where we trim their nails, apply a topical flea treatment and even weigh them in?! There's nothing more important than making the new little love of your life happy and flea-free.

How Does it Work?

Lemon Merangue

Lemon Merangue
likes knowing she's
keeping her trim

When you adopt from FieldHaven, you'll get a voucher that entitles you to our spa services for a full year from the date of adoption.

Bring it every time you come to FieldHaven, and we'll take care of the rest!

We want to help you start off their new life with you in the best way possible by offering these essential services.

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