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Bast's Adoption Story --

On Bast's first night in his new home he sat on adopter, Sandra's foot stool patiently waiting his turn on her lap. When her other cat of several years was done being petted, Bast took his turn on her lap for some quality love time. He was so ready for some one on one attention! He acted as if he has been in her house his whole life - is not being aggressive to her other cats and is eating fine (of course!) and using his litter pan.

Sandra Gier is a special FieldHaven volunteer who lives on several acres in Lincoln. Sandra came to FH to adopt one of our feral momcats that we had rescued from "The Tommy's House project", and when she saw Bast she fell in love with him. She adopted him as well for her daughter and Grandson, who also live on the property, but Bast is still at Sandra's house for now. Bast prefers to be on a farm and be an indoor-outdoor cat and this is exactly what he will have - and 2 homes on the property to choose from!

Sandra is retired and I know she will keep a close eye on our Big Boy. Over the past 3 years she has also adopted Bertie and Dancer, Bowtie and Sierra, 4 other hard to place cats that Love her place and prefer to be outdoors, all 4 are doing very well. We and Bast are very lucky to have found Sandra!

Bast's original shelter story --



Bast has been at FieldHaven since May 22, 2008 when he was transferred from Placer County Animal Services. We thought he would quickly find a home and were surprised when potential adopters keep passing him up. It's baffling. He's a young, beautiful silver tabby with a terrific personality. So what if he's a little ...errrr..portly? Maybe it's the fact that it might take more than one family member to pick Bast up. Yes, Bast does weigh in at more than 20 pounds but we just think that means there's more of him to love!

We are sure hoping Bast will get adopted into a great home but in the meantime he's quite happy here at FieldHaven. He spends his days roaming around the grounds. We're hoping he'll trim up a bit as a result of his walkabouts but it also means he's scouting out alternative food sources since his food is strictly rationed in the Cat Trailer.

Bast has recently found gainful employment as a FieldHaven ambassador at outreach events and PetSmart Adoption Days. Bast takes his job seriously. At outreach events he encourages people to stop by the FieldHaven booth and chat with our volunteers. He especially likes it when they offer him treats. At PetSmart Bast is getting to be known as a Cat Condo Consultant. He tries out the various cat trees and condo in the store then offers up his expert opinion on each model for shoppers looking for a new piece of furniture for their own kitties. BastOf course, he's always hoping someone will think he goes so well with the cat tree that they take him home, too!

This is a great opportunity have an honest-to-goodness Big Cat in your life; just like the program on Animal Planet, Big Cat Diaries. As a sponsor of Bast you'll receive monthly updates on Bast's adventures around FieldHaven and what he finds when he's out and about with the public. He definitely will have some great stories to tell!

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