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Greetings To My First Family Field Haven,

I know it has been a while since I have been adopted by the Breedlove Family, and I have been meaning to send a short note to let you all know how I am doing but I have been so very busy I just haven't had time.

My new mom Rhonda said it's about time, so here I am sending you all a note. It has been a year and a half since Dave and Rhonda fell in love with me, and I am now 2 years old. It has been crazy here at my new home (as it always is). When I first got to my new home I only had 1 brother, Shadows he was quite grumpy but took to my charms right away. We went together like peas and carrots. It took me awhile to warm up and to trust my new mom and dad but after 5 or so months I figured they were alright. Since they were dying to play with me and pet me I thought I would let them. They were elated and it has been the most wonderful 1 1/2 years. Now since I came to my new home alot has happened. One day while dad was taking me for a check up with Dr. Irene there was the cutest orange tabby kitten there. I asked dad if we could have him and guess what!!! He let me take him home! Mom named him J.T. after J.T. Snow he played 1st base for the Giants. J.T. had 4 golden paws and J.T. Snow had 8 golden gloves(I know mom is kinda silly that way). Then about 2 months after we got J.T. moms friend showed up on our door step with a tiny little fuzz ball and knew mom would know how to take care of this thing as it was only we figured about 3 weeks old. Somebody came and picked up its mom and siblings but missed this little one. Well of course mom took it right in and had to hand feed it for a little while. We named it Sadie and she was the funnest thing to play with. Mom now calls Sadie "Billy" not sure why but the name fits him as he is alays getting into mischief. Just this past summer some people by where we live moved and forgot to take there kitty so we felt bad and didn't want him to be homeless so mom let him move in with us. We named him Frankie cus he has blue eyes. And shortly after Frankie came to live with us dad found another baby on the patio, she was only about 4 or 5 weeks old. Since she was all black like me and grumpy(Shadows) I told dad to let her live with us too. It's a little crowded in our home so dad and mom have ben looking for a new home for us all to move to. I have become the Queen of our castle, I can meow from the bedroom and dad comes running in to pet me. I chase all the other kitties all around the house and sometimes I even jump on mr grumpy pants. I think if I play with him he might not be so grumpy but mom says I am wasting my energy cuz he will always be that way but I have fun so I do it anyways. Well as you can tell I am a real busy gal these days with lots of brothers and 1 sister to chase and play with. I am enclosing a few pictures for you all so you can see how big I've grown up and how happy I am. The first one is of me and J.T. shortly after we brought him home and the other os of me.

Thank You to all of you at Field Haven for taking such good care of me.


Mia (formerly Uno)

and The Breedloves

Dave, Rhonda, Shadows, J.T., Billy and Baby

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