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I wanted to let you know how much I absolutely worship the ground this cat walks on! Since it was so long ago and you do so many wonderful placements, you may not remember… I found Angel via the Pennysaver just after I had lost my darling "Stucat" at the young age of 12 years. Two days after she passed, I was looking in the Pennysaver for furniture for my stepdaughter and the page opened up and I saw an ad in bold letters "ANGEL - Female Grey Tabby Polydactyl". My heart jumped ,as my other male cat, Tooz, who survived his love was a grey tabby poly as well (unfortunately, I lost him the same year… VERY hard time for me - I'm still missing them). Anyhow, I thought both Tooz and I (as well as my human kids and husband) were not ready for a new addition, but I was drawn to this ad several times over the next day, so I called and decided to come visit her. It was bonding and love at first sight. When I came into the trailer, Angel and I immediately locked eyes and she actually rolled onto her back for a belly rub. Jennifer was so surprised and told me she hadn't done that with anyone else. Angel came home with me that day, and it's been bliss with her ever since. After I lost my Toozer a few months after that, we rescued a cat named Sebastian (locally). He was adopted out, but he's a "talker", and apparently the lady who adopted him couldn’t handle his meowing (too bad - she lost out on the most loving, purring, slobbering cat I have ever encountered). He's a total marshmallow!

So - to end this long story, I am attaching a picture of Angel (on the left) and her life mate Sebastian. I can assure you that she is happy, spoiled, and a part of our family (and hearts) for the rest of her life! I look forward to your continued success with the wonderful work you do.

Best Regards,

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