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Portia & Jennifur (formerly Porche Ann & Jenny Lawson)

We bought Portia (aka Porsche Ann) and Jennifur (aka Jenny Lawson) to their forever home three weeks ago today. We outfitted an extra room with litterbox, food and water dishes, cat beds and toys.

Jennie adapted so well. We waited until last week to open the door and she explored, timidly at first, then eliminated that slinky posture and was more confident. She's been very loving and affectionate from the beginning.

As soon as Portia got here, she selected a corner of the room as hers, and took up residence under the end table. Whenever we came into the room she'd be hiding there, but purring. Frank spent much time lying on the floor, talking to her, hand-feeding her, giving her treats. Last week, she started to come out late in the evening while we were in the room. She'd play a bit with a few toys, use the litterbox, the scratcher, and then head back under the end table.

This morning was the first morning she actually came out to greet me! And I just opened the door to let Jennie back into the room, and there was Portia, lying on the sofa, taking in the sun. I went in a little later, and both were on the sofa, so had to take a picture, attached, and give you all this update.

We haven't rushed their introduction to Lola and Rooster -- far from it. We let Jennie meet Lola for a short time last week, and I think there's hope that the two will be fast friends. Rooster and Jennie did some "communicating" under the door, after which Jennie immediately hid in the stereo cabinet. I don't know what he said to her, but this friendship may take some time to develop. And it may take quite a while for Portia to come out of that room. So, for now we'll continue working on the Jennie-Lola relationship.

Frank & Maureen
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