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Bailey (Barn Cat)

Over a month ago 4 FieldHaven Rodent Raiders from our Barn Cat Program went to live at a barn in Reno. Cowboy Dan has a small ranch and needed some Rodent Raiders for his horse barn. He has an indoor cat, Miss Kitty, who lives in luxury in his warm and cozy ranch house along with his cat-loving border collie.

Cowboy Dan had a wonderful tack room that he secured for all the cats, giving them great places to hide, sleep and bountiful food. During the next several weeks he followed our instructions perfectly; keeping them secure until they knew their new barn thoroughly. A week or so ago Dan opened the door to the tack room so the cats could go about and explore completely their new home. And, get to work Raiding Rodents!

Today I stopped by Danís place and was met with the most wonderful surprise of all. The cats were all happily working and seemingly quite happy in their new barn home. Except for Bailey.

Dan told me how the first night after he let the cats out, he heard a meowing outside the front door to his house. He opened the door and sitting on a bench was Bailey. She hopped off the bench and dashed into the house. And, there is exactly where she can be found today Ė right in front of the cozy fire! Both Dan and Miss Kitty are delighted to have Bailey in their home.
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