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Dear FieldHaven,

Just wanted to express our joy of our new family member Marvel. Including how's he doing with his new family and new home.

He and I spent most of the first day together alone in my bedroom, assuring him he is loved and is safe here. We bonded quickly. He's a very curious guy with little fear. Opened pull out drawers in bathroom and sliding closet doors by himself...extremely smart.

Since that day, Marvel has become very accustomed to our existing family with our two other cats, Sassy and Abigail. He's a people cat and loves my wife, son, daughter and myself with love, affection and 'lets play ok?'. Gentle in grabbing with claws and biting, then licks my hand and fingers many times during our fun of rassling with one another. Abigail is the same way.

Marvel follows us everywhere in the house and loves to sleep with us at night with Sassy as well. Abigail is our daughters cat, so you can guess where she likes to sleep most nights, otherwise it's with us in the same bed. He even takes naps on top of my desk while I'm working just to be close to me. When his toy is lost or can't get to, he meows to let us (mainly me) know 'please get that for me, wasn't finished playing with it'. Did I already mention he's smart...

Sassy (our 8yr female cat) accepted Marvel right away as a Mother to him. Even showed Marvel a toy that he was not very certain about (scared actually) as being ok. After seeing Marvel's uncertainty, Sassy swatted the toy a few times as saying 'see it's ok and won't hurt you'. Now that's being a good Mother and accepting Marvel in 'her' family (alpha female).

Abigail on the other hand (only one month older than Marvel and a female), was quite scared and hesitant about Marvel at first, but slowly discovering all Marvel wants to do is play with her and have fun. We can tell by Marvel's gentle interesting meows and non threatening stance, he's saying 'I want to play with you. I mean no harm and I respect that you were here first before me'. Both my wife and I have had cats all ours lives. We've become quite good in what cats are trying to communicate to one another over the years and with their different personalities.

Both Abigail and Marvel actually played together with a toy last night. This morning for the first time, played with one another with no toys involved. Hasn't even been a week yet, so their relationship is looking wonderful as a new brother and sister of one month apart in age.

Marvel loves his toys as well as our other cats existing toys. He took to our other cats comfort niches, spots, nooks and crannies with no reservations. We can tell he knows he's welcomed, loved and feels very comfortable anywhere in his new home and with all of us.

Marvel went for his first check-up with our vet this morning, copied/noted in Marvel's file all previous existing medical records, microchip number, etc. He received a stellar clean bill of health. Doctor and staff were amazed about Marvel's rescue story, very grateful FieldHaven rescued Marvel and now his life will be spent with us. Our Vet has known us for 14 years with our pets of pass and present. We mention FieldHaven and what you all were about. I gave them your contact info.

Excuse the length. I tend to talk too much when excited/happy. I could go on and on...

Please thank Marvel's sponsor in allowing him to be in our lives.


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