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Freida   Status: Adoptable (adoptable)
ID: 5823   Animal's location: FieldHaven Feline Center
Breed: Domestic Short Hair-black and white (mix)
Age:  6 months        Gender:  Female
Size:  N/A   Color(s):  White w/ Black -  N/A (N/A)
Altered: yes  
Weight:   Tail:  N/A
Left Ear:  N/A
Right Ear: 
  Left eye:   N/A
Right eye: 
Description: I came to Fieldhaven with several injuries after being attacked by a couple dogs. The most significant was a spiral fracture of my front left leg. Fortunately, one of the great veterinarians that helps Fieldhaven fixed me up by inserting a metal rod into my leg (it's stilll there!). Iím fully healed now and feel great! I spent my time healing my broken leg with my foster dad and his cats. I donít mean to brag, but my foster had some good things to say about me. For instance: ∑ Iím a typical kitty that loves to play. I like all kinds of different kitty toys, but am partial to the one where I get to chase that ball around, around and around in a circle! I also like to climb and play in a cat tree (can we get one, please?!). ∑ I love to purr! Talk to me, and Iíll purr. Pick me up, and Iíll purr. Pet me and (you guessed it) Iíll purr! ∑ I like to be near you. I will curl up on you, or sit next to you if youíre reading or watching TV. Iíll also like to sleep on the bed next to you (after I pounce on your toes under the covers). Oh, that reminds me, I like to lick you, and that includes toes! ∑ Iíve been known to do some silly things, like watch TV or a tablet; and lately, Iíve been fascinated watching water come out of a faucet into the sink! ∑ I love my canned food treats! When its feeding time, Iíll wait next to my bowl. When you pick it up to feed me, Iíll reach up and put my paw out to make sure the bowl is empty. Once you put it back down with food, though, its chow time and the food is gone in no time! ∑ I get along well with other kitties and love to play together! My foster dad doesnít have any dogs, so Iím not sure how I would get along with them. Given how I broke my leg, though, I might still be a little cautious around them; so, you might want to bring your dog to visit me first in order to see if we get along. Thatís enough about me. So, what about you? Are you ready to be my human?!

Adoption Fee: $75.00 or two kittens for $120.00
All cats and kittens have received age-appropriate vaccines and are spayed/neutered and microchipped.
All cats and kittens receive 1 free year of our Spa Package
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